Call of Duty 4 Lags - Learn How to Fix It

Published: 15th April 2011
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Numerous end users described that right after they obtained started Name of Duty four, it runs high-quality for roughly ten seconds and then commences lagging. It truly is 1 of your most typical problems. On this article, we'll talk about the actions to solve this difficulty.

The next things are accountable for Phone of Duty 4 lagging problem:

1. CPU Overheating

2. Large Volume of Fragmentation inside the Registry

3. Your Antivirus Application utilizes Big Application Resources

4. Fix the Registry Entries

5. Re-obtain The game's Cache Information

CPU Overheating

Call of Duty 4 lags if your processor is overheating. This difficulty is widespread mainly in laptop computer computer systems. Obtain a laptop cooling pad to solve this situation.

Massive Volume of Fragmentation from the Registry

Registry is a important element in Microsoft Windows working process. The registry is accustomed to keep different sorts of details.

Phone of Duty four much too stores its configurations within the registry and retrieves them at the time you're playing the sport. Registry fragmentation slows lower the process of retrieving and storing these kinds of kind of information and thereby Name of Duty 4 lags. You will be proposed to defrag the registry employing a 3rd-occasion registry defragmenter product or service.

Your Antivirus Software uses Substantial Process Sources

Call of Duty four lags when the antivirus you experienced installed is working in background and utilizing very several data files (i.e. assets) and also the actual-time security is turned on. In basic terms, an antivirus making use of big total of one's method memory for protecting your computer in background causes Name of Duty four lagging issue.

Disable your antivirus application as beneath:

1. Correct just click the technique tray icon of your antivirus software.

2. Choose Disable Permanently selection.

Fix the Registry Entries

As discussed earlier, the sport outlets its configuration in your own registry and retrieves spine for the time you are actively playing it. These registry entries, if corrupted, not only make the sport slower but also lag it in middle.

To stop Name of Duty four lags, make certain that the registry will not contain incorrect entries. To test the registry difficulties and correct them, use a registry cleaner system.

Re-obtain The game's Cache Data files

It might be doable that some in the cache files stored in the installation listing are corrupted. It is going to be advisable to restore rear their authentic versions by downloading to the web with assist of Steam.

1. Near straight down the sport.

2. Open My Pc, and browse the following listing:

C:\Application Information\Steam\SteamApps\Widespread\Get in touch with of Duty\Zone\English

3. Rename the next two data with the respective names specified:

a. Mp_afghan_load.ff : backup_mp_afghan_load.ff

b. Mp_afghan.ff : backup_mp_afghan.ff

4. When you observed other recordsdata of your.ff type, rename them in addition.

5. Delete those people recordsdata that you renamed within the Stage 3 above.

6. Open Steam.

7. Appropriate simply click on MW2.

8. Decide on Attributes | Local Files (tab) | Verify Integrity of Video game Cache.

9. Wait till these recordsdata are downloaded all over again.

ten. Restart the game immediately after completion.

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